Expensive H.D.D. (Maybe wasted)

  craneman01 21:15 20 Dec 2003

Needed more space for video editing so bought a 250 gig SATA HDD, a Silicon Image SATA PCI interface card Put it in computer, formatted it & put XP Pro on it. Took 4 minutes to load XP Pro. Would stick for a while & then load.
Scubbed XP off the HDD, disconnected the 250 HDD & installed it on a EIDE HDD on the computer. Made it boot drive & Cracks in great. Plug in the 250 HDD & it sticks when loading the splash screen. Any ideas on the problem?


  PA28 23:16 20 Dec 2003

How have you configured the drives?

  SketcH 23:19 20 Dec 2003

Bloody (and indeed) hell.


I've never maxed out a 40!


  Mysticnas 23:34 20 Dec 2003

get even bigger.

depends what you do. if you render video or 3d aniamtions/models etc... you will most likely need all that space, as a good quality video clip can easily take up around 10's of gb's of space for even the smallest of clips!

  craneman01 15:19 21 Dec 2003

Configured in what sense.?
the Bios is set to load from the small 120 gig!

A one hour video from a digi camcorder can take up to 20 gig so if you want to save one or more then the space may be limited

  byfordr 15:38 21 Dec 2003

Not sure whether this will help. I've got a 200gb drive that I had merry hell getting the full capacity recongised.

Have you got big drive enabled? Drive of 137gb or less are automatically recongised by XP, anything larger requires big drive enabled. I got a small program from the Maxtor website which did this for me. I know several of the other manufacturer also have similar programs on their sites.

The way I managed to install the hard drive was:-

1) Install Operating system (Drive will show as significantly lower disk space than it actually is) 2) Install service pack1 3) Enable big drive over 137gb (In this case running maxtors software from their website - big drive enabler) 4) Install Partition magic (version 8 or above for xp) 5) Resize the drive using pm8 (There should be a massive unformatted, unpartitioned space) 6) Format drive either PM or using windows. 7) Attempt to fill such a massive capacity drive.

Alternately some full of controller card should automatically detect the drive.
click here

  wee eddie 17:33 21 Dec 2003

Is, I think your solution.

Split it into several smaller drives.

There are many here who will advise you on the optimum drive sizes are.

OS, Software, games, editing, file storage etc.

  wee eddie 17:37 21 Dec 2003

When you think you have the solution, and skip a few responses. The one before your says the same thing. Only better!


  craneman01 18:37 21 Dec 2003

the silicon image sata PCi board/controller is supposed to bypass the need for the limit for partitions as it controls it, not the program.
With the board you can stick any size of partition on the computer. In theory a 300 gig HDD could be used unpartitioned
I have a sneaky feeling the problem is with the SATA PCI board but as yet I haven't found a work around!

  Smiler 19:05 21 Dec 2003

And to think my first hard drive 10 years ago was a mere 512mb

  craneman01 20:40 21 Dec 2003

when I got my first computer, it was a DX2 66mhz they had given me a complimentary upgrade to 340meg Hard disc & it only cost 1900 pounds!

Just to add insult etc. I have an external 120meg Iomega HDD firewire attached to the computer for backups.

Happy days.

Back to the saga... If the SATA controller is disabled, then the computer is powered up & the controller is enabled, I can see the new drive (it is partitioned 123meg x 2)
If I power down & restart, when the program gets to the splash screen ie Window XP starts to show, it hangs.
I have to pull the plug on the drive & restart
Something is amiss (& it's not an umarried lady)
The wife is going loopy as I'm pouring hours trying to get it sorted & not going out Xmas shopping with her

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