expensive con beware

  johnnyrocker 12:30 02 Dec 2003

i sent this to colleagues at work and to date three of them along with myself have had the same call but fortunately had been warned.


i got one of these calls the other night and fortunately hung up on it.
This is from the Thames Valley police and faxed to me via neighbourhood watch.

" On answering your phone a recorded message as follows 'Congratulations. We are calling to advise you that you have won an all expenses paid trip to an exotic desdination. Now please press 9 to hear further details'
WARNING if you do press 9 you will be connected to a premium rate line that bills in the region of £20 per minute.

If you press 9 and connect, even if you disconnect immediatly, the other end will stay connected for a minimum of 5 minutes. This will cost you £100 and lasts for 11 minutes.

The final part of the call asks you to key in your postcode (eh?), house number which can lead to other serious consequences. Then after a further 2 minutes the call responds with a message saying 'sorry, you are not one of the lucky winners'. Thereafter disconnecting you adding another £260.00 to your bill.

Unfortunately the calls are originating from outside the UK and BT and other telephone companies are relativly powerless to act. The safe solution is to hang up before the mssage asks you to press 9"

  Diemmess 17:50 02 Dec 2003

Greed and curiosity! Both are needed for this scam to succeed.

If the scammer can persuade you to connect via a premium line then he's there.

If you hang up that's it. Its no bother to him, there's always some mug out there.

I think for ordinary mortals this scam is overblown in importance. The faint possibilities are already well defined.

  johnnyrocker 18:14 02 Dec 2003

quite right and how many used to start talking without pressing button A? but we digress.

  johnnyrocker 18:18 02 Dec 2003

based on the 17.50 post if they get the gullible to connect to a line somewhere round the world (even via satellite as posted earlier) would one then encounter large bills?


  [email protected]@m 19:58 02 Dec 2003

Perhaps at Stone, Kents Hill, Harrogate...

There is a relatively new service available from BT which is worth considering in this context. Called 'Choose to Refuse', any caller who has their number withheld will receive a message 'This line does not accept calls when the number is withheld.'

  [email protected]@m 20:05 02 Dec 2003

Got the name wrong!

Anonymous Call Rejection is the service I was thinking of. click here

  zanwalk 20:42 02 Dec 2003

click here

This is a site that claims to stop 'cold calls', it takes 28 days after registering to take effect.

  bremner 19:20 06 Dec 2003

Hoax or not I don't know but from todays BBC News
click here

  Forum Editor 20:17 06 Dec 2003

but can (belatedly) confirm that the story is total myth - you cannot do what it says you can do on the UK telecoms system.

It's been circulating for quite a while, and there must be hundreds of thousands of people who received a forwarded email about it - I got several.

There are always a few of these on the go - what beats me is how anyone is sad enough to originate them. A for the BBC - they're a media company, and media companies like stories such as this................

  johnnyrocker 14:47 10 Dec 2003

and that is the truth guv.


  johnnyrocker 15:48 10 Dec 2003

all i said was i got the recorded message but hung up thinking it was either having to listen to a time share speel or something for nowt which i dont believe either, i did post earlier about a similar scam some years ago by 'supposed' cable people allegedly testing the line and using the same 9 idea and i believe (but stand to be corrected) a number of arrests occurred then.


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