expanding a wireless network

  Dutchy11 22:29 28 Dec 2003


I have a wireless network set up and working - with a seperate BB modem, hub and access point all plugged together. The access point is a Belkin. Also plugged direct into the hub is a couple of PC's (all run Win98). A laptop (running XP pro)is connected (via PCMCIA 802.11b card)to the access point.

The house has many thick walls - so inevitably parts of the house I get no signal to pick up the access point. Not a major issue - but something I want to improve at some point. The easiest option would be to run a cat 5 cable to another location and hang another access point off it - but cannot do this due to issues putting the wires in.

My primary thing to do right now is to set up a printer on the network - but it cannot be on the current hub nor connected to the laptop. So I'm considering buying a 802.11b one port printer server (about 85 quid from dabs) - but wondering if I can solve my house coverage issue at the same time.

Will a wireless router / access point act as both a bridge to the original hub and extend my coverage in the house? I can then hang a one port print server (eg Netgear PS101) off this and solve all my issues - or do I need a seperate bridge ?



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