existing XP system hard drive in new motherboard

  victor 15:48 18 Nov 2005

is it possible to utilise my existing hard drive from my old system running XP pro on a new system it boots to window's asking to load safe etc it will not load in any configuration it just chucks me back to the same window is it possible to arrange the system to load??? I have all the lastest updates on my system if I have to spend hours downloading I will be lucky to finish by Christmas and I have presents to deliver

  BurrWalnut 15:53 18 Nov 2005

The change of motherboard is preventing it from loading. The best you can do is repair XP but you will have to install all the updates that are missing from the WinXP CD, e.g. SP2 plus about 20-30 since SP2.

To repair XP. Boot from the WinXP CD (in the BIOS boot sequence put the CD drive ahead of the HDD). When the first message comes up, choose “To set up WinXP” not “R for recovery console”. Windows will eventually recognise that XP is installed and ask what you want to do, press R to repair and follow the instructions except after rebooting don’t reply to the message “Press any key to boot from CD”, just wait.

  victor 16:08 18 Nov 2005

I understand it is the bios drivers would I stand to lose all my data and other programs ?? do you think I was going to load xp on the new computer and then usb link and try transfering form existing to new any thoughts??

  PaulB2005 16:20 18 Nov 2005

You'll also have issues with activation if you get it up and running.

  ACOLYTE 16:29 18 Nov 2005

This can be a mine fieid,if you are adding a new mobo its always best IMO to reinstall the OS,it prevents lots of agro later on.

  No idea 16:33 19 Nov 2005

Please take the advice from Acolyte, Only once have I managed to drop my old hard disc successfully into a new motherboard. Most of the time you will come up against the Blue screen advising you that your system is being shut down to prevent damage to your computer. A complete install is therefore what I would recommend and once system is up and running configure updates to automatic and leave your computer on .I take it you are on dial-up? and that is why updates are taking absolutely ages. I know its a pain but believe me its the best thing to do.

  victor 16:36 19 Nov 2005

I have decided to try and install xp on the new hard drive then use xp files transfer wizard to load all the existing software about 40 gig

  jack 16:37 19 Nov 2005

We are all saying it I guess but from bitter experience new MoBo =New system no other satisfatory way

  victor 16:42 19 Nov 2005

yes I am going the route of a new install of xp and using transfer wizard, has anyone used this utility is it simple and quick?

  ACOLYTE 18:02 19 Nov 2005

I have used it,it is fairly easy to use and quite quick at what it does,the only draw back is it isnt installed as default and you need to have the OS up and running to reintall it,apart from that its ok.

  ACOLYTE 18:03 19 Nov 2005

I must add i have never used it to back up as much as 40gig of stuff.

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