Yoda Knight 10:33 28 Apr 2005

Anyone tried this piece of software ?

  bretsky 12:02 28 Apr 2005

If you mean this click here
No I haven't.........sorry

bretsky ;0)

  Yoda Knight 13:36 28 Apr 2005

Thanx for answering Bretsky - I'm starting to get a bit tired of the lack of responses on this site... :(

  dogbreath1 13:59 28 Apr 2005

You've brought up the subject of file sharing again! And it seems to be frowned upon here. I make no secret of my love for the p2p subject, whether it be a legal/moral debate, sussing out the best way to ensure malware avoidance or a discussion about the relative merits of the many p2p programs available. Alas thee and me are in a minority here. Thanks for flagging up this new prog. with which I am not familiar but I will check it out. I've always avoided bittorrent applications, since although I've downloaded various on-line tutorials, it's always seemed over complicated as compared to using, say, Limewire or Bearshare on the Gnutella network. Please post back if you find out anything more of interest in respect of Exeem.:)

  bretsky 14:30 28 Apr 2005

No problems Yoda Knight, I know, it does seem like no one is listening, I put in a thread about OpenOffice.org the other day and how wonderful it is, and I think I got only a few replies, obviously not everybody agrees!!!

On the above subject, I tend to steer away from these apps for security reasons mainly, yes I know I'm paranoid.

bretsky ;0)

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