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  User-327898 08:01 23 Jun 2005

I've recently had a virus on my PC, as it's started spewing out loads of junk emails supposedly sent by me. Four major virus/spyware checkers turned up nothing. I then tried a trial of a product called PCDoorGuard 4 by AstonSoft which detected the virus EXE2BIN.exe in the Windows/System32 folder.

I tried deleting this file, but couldn't as it was reported as being in use by another user/prog, so decided to reinstall Windows from clean, as per PC manufacturer's instructions. Having done this and with nothing extra installed other than PC DoorGuard, this virus is still being reported. Although I can now delete the file, as soon as I shut down Windows Explorer, the file reinstates itself (even with System Restore disabled)

I know exe2bin.exe can be a legitimate Windows file as well, so is the PC DoorGuard thing just a false hit, or is it really a virus? I'd really appreciate any advice on how to deal with this, as I've run out of ideas!

  maveric 08:09 23 Jun 2005

have a look at this click here
it may help?

  User-327898 08:48 23 Jun 2005

Thanks - have already seen that, but the file won't delete - just re-appears as soon as Windows Explorer is shut down.

  Stuartli 10:00 23 Jun 2005
  gudgulf 10:01 23 Jun 2005

I strongly suspect this is a false positive.......especially since a full clean reinstall of Windows does not remove the file.I also have this file on my own system as will everyone else with Windows.It's a system file.

Anyway,just to satisfy my curiosity I have downloaded the trial version and am scanning my own pc as we speak........not impressed up to now as it has already identified the installer package for NOD32 antivirus as a worm!!

I'll post back when the scan has finished.

  gudgulf 13:08 23 Jun 2005

Scan finished...then I realised the definitions were out of date.So after an update and rescan it now only picks on my K-Lite codec pack.

What it does not detect is the EXE2BIN.exe file...even though I know it is on my system.Assuming you have the latest definitions I would try an alternative scanner such as the trial of TDS3 click here for a second opinion.

  User-327898 09:33 28 Jun 2005

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Just to let you know progress.

I ran full scans using Sophos, Spybot and Adaware and the free versions of AVG and Avast. I also ran a scan using the trial versions of TDS and PC DoorGuard. The only one that found anything wrong with the file was PDG.

I contacted Microsoft's free security advice helpline and they knew nothing about any such virus. In addition, I contacted the email address given on the AstonSoft website to ask for more info, but after four days, the email was returned as undeliverable because the mailbox was full, which doesn't inspire me with confidence.

As a final check, I scanned the EXE2BIN file from 8 different PCs at work and all reported the virus. Obviously, it's not impossible that all are infected, but it's unlikely.

Unless anyone has any further thoughts by the end of today, I'm going to assume that PDG is reporting a false positive and close this query off. Thanks again to everyone for the ideas.

  jimv7 09:38 28 Jun 2005

Try the free a2(A squared) from click here not forgetting to update it firest after install.

  Pooke 11:07 28 Jun 2005

click here

this online scan is also useful.

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