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  Zuma2 11:11 11 Apr 2011

I had a window pop up yesteday from the malware system i use, this is malwarebytes, a free system. It said i had some corrupt files that needed removal. I agreed to the removal and since then i cannot open any applications. I was using firefox as a browser and when i try to open this i just get a window that says choose which file you want to use to open this file, but none of them open it. If i try to download and click run the same thing happens. If i try to open office word, or any windows applications i get a box that says application not found and in the control panel if i try to open anything i get a window that says:C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe application not found. I cannot open system restore to try and undo what i did as this opens a window with the same message. I have searched my pc for EXE files and am informed that there are none, presumably this is what i had removed, but if i cannot download anything how can i get them back? Can you help me?

  Thalmus 11:21 11 Apr 2011

Sounds like you have lost your file assication for exe files, Click here for instructions on how to get it back. Once this has been done try a system restore to get everything working again

  Diemmess 17:28 11 Apr 2011

Having had a similar problem with a grandson's XP after using Antimalwarebytes and then tried all sorts of recommended snake oils I was brave (reckless)!

I did a "Repair," booting from the original installation disk of Windows XP

Typical of Windows, it may be intuitive to most, but right at the beginning of the repair it is easy to select the wrong one.

  Diemmess 17:42 11 Apr 2011

Something happened here and my add-on message appears to have gone walkabout.

Boot with XP disk in the drive When offered Set up Windows choose this, and NOT repair windows with repair console. Next screen more choices... ...Choose Repair windows on this computer

Once running the repair is quick, and doesn't change any data on the drive.

Note all this descibes how I would do it with XP. Later versions my differ. Good luck

  woodchip 17:50 11 Apr 2011

Why not just run System Restore

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