Exe Advisor Repair Tool - any experience of it?

  prester-john 20:59 28 Aug 2013

Your online Helproom pages sometimes show ads for Exe Advisor's Repair Tool, eg: "How to fix Wuauclt.exe" etc. Any recommendations or warnings?

  lotvic 22:08 28 Aug 2013

The ads are third party and not pca's recommendations (same as an ad in a newspaper - the newspaper won't know if it's any good or not)

the one you ask about will 'find' faults but won't 'fix' anything unless you pay $39.97 USD for 1-year subscription.

I cannot comment on if any good or not as I would never buy a program of that sort as there is plenty of free help and manual fixes you can do yourself, available on forums etc.

  onthelimit1 11:23 29 Aug 2013

I would second lotvic's advice. I have never paid for a programme, but have always managed with the freebies and the excellent advice found here (more often than not from lotvic!). Don't waste your money!

  prester-john 10:21 30 Aug 2013

Thank you Lotvic and Onthelimit1 - good advice. Now I remember why I didn't follow up the Exe Advisor tool, even though it found large numbers of "issues" - the cost.

Which freebies? - my present problem is the continual background busy-ness of the hard disc. Task Manager has pointed to Wuauclt.exe, svchost.exe, and at present chrome.exe, even though my requested downloading has been completed. At less than 1 Mps (rural bliss!) it all takes time.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:35 30 Aug 2013

"my present problem is the continual background busy-ness of the hard disc..............Task Manager has pointed to........"

The Windows "Resource Monitor" is a better tool for diagnosing the causes of constant disk activity - more info here

  prester-john 11:34 31 Aug 2013

Thank you, Secret-Squirrel, that link looks good. I can use it if my wife is having trouble with her laptop. But according to the article, Resource Monitor is bundled with W7 and Vista, not with XP, which is what I have. (I should have mentioned XP in my question, though I did include it in the tags.)

Is anything similar available for XP?

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