Excluding RAID/SATA in setup....?

  Dutch 20:50 16 Nov 2004

Hi folks - sorry if this is the winner of this month's daft question award ;-) but can someone give me some advice before I spend my cash?

I want to upgrade my system to a P4 3Gig using an Abit IC7 motherboard, for video editing as well as taking advantage of the HT. The thing is, I want to still use my 2 120Gig ATA drives for the moment at least (as well as the DVD burner and CD Rom). I also don't need/want to use RAID at the moment and would rather not as I'm dual booting.

Can I disable the RAID and SATA functions and use the motherboard with the older ATA devices? I've had a look at the user guide and it seems so, but I'd like to get a second opinion before I waste my money!

I can upgrade later......?

Thanks for any advice.


  vinnyT 11:53 17 Nov 2004

OK, if the board has 2 parallel ide interfaces (p.a.t.a), I say 2 because you will need a connection for cd/dvd-rom, then yes you can use your existing drives.

In the bios there will be a section for selecting bootup sequence a:, c: etc. For scsi just select none.

This info is generic and should be taken as such, I have no particular experience with this board, but most mobos opperate along the same lines.

Yes you will be able to upgrade to raid/sata in the future, if you ment upgrade other parts, that depends on how far in the future and availability of parts.

Hope this helps.

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