Excited Android

  Paranoid Android 20:02 10 Apr 2003

As you all know I am a total computer nut, and PC Advisor is not the only mag I get. So with apologies to FE and the gang (sorry), I just gotta tell you about this.

This months PC Plus coverdisk has a free copy of Acronis TrueImage Deluxe, a hard drive imaging proggy that works in Windows (including Windows 2000 and Windows XP). Yes you heard me right, no need for a boot disk.

I feel justified in posting this because, as those who know me will know, I am the world's greatest advocate of regular backups, and this program is a whizz. It slashed my backup image time to a quarter (12 minutes for 6 Gigs HDD image) and it can burn to CDs too.

So all you non-backed-up people no longer have any excuse. Get it now !

Suitably impressed


  Goldcroft 20:07 10 Apr 2003

Thanks for the info. I had decided to ration myself to one mag: PCA, but now it looks as though I will be forced to buy one edition (note forum editor: only one) of another. I take it that it is a full copy Marvin and not one of those trial versions?

  Patr100 20:28 10 Apr 2003

Thanks Marvin. It's so easy to miss what's on all the cover disks and that looks useful. Having found the well reviewed Retrospective Express to be virtually un-useable in my experience , I am always looking for a simple decent low cost back so will take a closer look.

  Paranoid Android 20:39 10 Apr 2003

Yup. Full version, although it obviously prompts you to upgrade, it isn't necessary. You need to register on their website to get a reg number emailed to you.

Very simple interface :

- Create disk image

- Restore disk image

- Restore individual files from disk image

You can create a bootable CD or floppy disk set to start your PC. I tried it and the emergency startup interface was very impressive, and immediately found my backup image.

I am a fan already.


  STEVE71163 20:51 10 Apr 2003

I got the magazine today and i have got to say this is the best £5.99 i have spent recently. I have just copied about 4 gig to about 3 cdrs + one as a bootable disc. I did find that i did need to do a driver update from their site (Free) after i had installed.

  STEVE71163 20:59 10 Apr 2003

Paranoid Android. Did i not need to make a bootable disc?

  flecc 21:09 10 Apr 2003

If you ever really want to speed that backup though, HyperOS will handle that 6 gigs in under three minutes, restore the same.

  leo49 21:10 10 Apr 2003

Surely as a self-confessed anal-retentive you've already got Drive Image? :o)

[Good for those poor souls who haven't,though]

  Paranoid Android 22:25 10 Apr 2003

Drive Image (at least the one I've got) needs a boot disk for XP, this proggy runs from within Windows. It only needs a boot disk for emergency recovery.

I've always used Ghost but now I'm converted.

Flecc - insufficient readies for HyperOS I'm afraid :(


  leo49 22:44 10 Apr 2003

Drive Image 2002 doesn't need a boot disc for normal usage - you must have an old version.


  Glyn-252301 00:23 11 Apr 2003

I'm suitable impressed, have been looking to update from WinOnCD's BackMeUp.
Many thanks G.

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