Exchange 2007 plus Entourage 2008

  Kate B 00:39 29 Nov 2008

Annoying error keeps occurring with the Entourage 2008 connection to my Exchange 2007 server: every so often Entourage pops up with the error message "Cannot collect email - Exchange returns the error Bad username or password" and prompts me to re-enter my password and save it in my Mac OS X keychain, then it works fine.

Is the error with Exchange or with Entourage? I'm a bit stumped, as I never get that kind of error with my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone using ActiveSync, nor Outlook 2007 on my Vista box. And I never have authentication issues with Outlook Web Access.

I know the expertise here is mostly Windows, but I wonder if any Exchange gurus have any thoughts. I'm pretty new to running the Exchange server.

Thanks in advance

  Forum Editor 08:39 29 Nov 2008

This is not an uncommon error message, and it usually indicates that the Mac encounters a network or mail server connection glitch. There was a Microsoft hotfix for this with Exchange Server 2003, and I'm certain it was incorporated into the 2007 release.

If you're getting the error repeatedly it's a good idea to make sure that your Exchange server isn't set to lock you out after a certain number of attempts - I've encountered instances of people complaining about repeated errors when in fact their Exchange Server was simply doing its job and locking them out.

Another cause of the problem can be spam messages with non-roman characters, stuff coming from China, for example. You have to delete the spam before Entourage can login, but do it via Outlook.

In your case it sounds as if neither of these circumstances apply, and I would guess it's the unknown network glitch syndrome at work.

  Kate B 17:30 30 Nov 2008

Thanks, Peter, particularly for the tip about the locking out - I will check that. I've done a bit more Googling and discovered that it's a fairly common problem with Entourage and Exchange. I don't think it's a network problem - the wireless connection between the MacBook and the router seems pretty solid.

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