excelstor hard drive installation problem

  [DELETED] 20:14 26 Sep 2003

I've just fitted a 40GB excelstor HD in my Dell Dimension xps T700r, previously running windows 98. Dell diagnostics CD correctly identifies the disk, but I can't get any further as no C:\ drive is recognised when I try to run anything else. Excelstor don't seem to offer any real help. I don't know how to set it up to be able to load windows 98 and use the damn thing. It is the master, I have removed the faulty old drive. Annoyingly all the customer reviews on ebuyer praised its ease of setting up! which is why I chose this make that I've never previously heard of. Help???

  [DELETED] 20:23 26 Sep 2003

You will have to format it first, If you wish you can also partiton it using the fdisk command.

  [DELETED] 20:24 26 Sep 2003

I hope I am not stating the obvious or insulting tou here, but have you used fdisk to prepare the drive for formatting etc?

I have used a couple of the excelstor drives now without any problems so far, touch wood.



  [DELETED] 20:25 26 Sep 2003

Oops, I obviously don't type quickly enough.


  [DELETED] 20:39 26 Sep 2003

OK, I only get to install a new hd every 3 years or so! So do I use the windows 98 Boot disk to format the drive - That and the Dell diagnostics programme are the only thing I can get to work. can you direct me to an idiots guide?
many thanks for any help.
My brain hurts.

  [DELETED] 20:43 26 Sep 2003

This thread should tell you all you want to know.

click here

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