An excellent site

  Forum Editor 21:30 13 Aug 2003

or it will be, once you have the content loaded. It's well designed, easy to navigate, and the text is well written and to the point.

Wedding stationary should be Wedding stationery by the way - a small point I know, but I'm picky about those things.

Good luck with the site. Don't rely on search engines entirely, trying to get yourself high in the lists will drive you to distraction - especially as your business has plenty of online competition. Many people are now paying the engines big money for premiere positions in the rankings, so try other ways of driving traffic to the site. One excellent method is reciprocal linking with other sites. Choose them carefully, and then approcah the sites' webmasters. You'll get plenty of nil responses, but some people will want to swap links, and you'll both benefit from some of each other's traffic.

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