Excellent advice

  Forum Editor 19:09 20 Nov 2004

from Charence and Taran.

Taran's comments about mixing FP with any other FTP client is particularly helpful - so many people come a cropper over this, and don't realise why they suddenly can't FTP from FrontPage after using another FTP program.

Another pointer worth remembering is that if your host server has the Frontpage extensions installed you will not be able to access the web space with an FTP program - the extensions must be turned off before you'll be able to get in via FTP. If for any reason the FP extensions are turned off, or have to be reinstalled or configured, you'll suddenly find that your site stops working - at least any Frontpage components like hover buttons will have stopped - they simply won't be there. If this happens (it probably won't), don't panic. Simply upload the whole site again via FP and all will be well.

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