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  eric_bloodaxe 17:08 15 Jun 2011

Hi may be a dumb question but can i assemble a series of "loose" worksheets into a workbook? someone sends me a monthly report as an excel WS I want to put them all in one book from the folder they download to so I can analyse the data across all the sheets. Regards Bloodaxe

  VoG II 17:26 15 Jun 2011

See if this helps click here

  VoG II 17:26 15 Jun 2011

Link here


  eric_bloodaxe 19:04 15 Jun 2011

hi thanks, but; first idea doesn't click at all. second one is way beyond what I want to do. I was hoping I could just use some menu item somewhere to take the individual worksheets and copy them into one new workbook. Regards Bloodaxe

  VoG II 19:13 15 Jun 2011

There is no native menu item to do this. You will need a macro - see the link that I posted.

  hastelloy 08:21 16 Jun 2011

Can you not just copy the worksheet and paste it into a new worksheet on your main file? - or am I missing the point?

  Simsy 09:06 16 Jun 2011

You can do this manually, fairly easily, on a sheet by sheet basis. Depending how many sheets there are, this may, or may not, be a practical way of doing it.

First I'd create a new workbook, save it, and name it something obvious, ("Summary" perhaps?)

Have this workbook open.

Open the workbook(s) you want to combine. I'd rename the sheets in question so they each have individual, relevant, names, rather than each one being "Sheet1"

RIGHT click on the tab of the first sheet you wish to combine. On the menu that appears there is an option to "Move or Copy", and if you choose that you can select where to move/copy it to. Providing you have the "Summary" workbook open you can copy or move, (don't miss the checkbox to choose which!), the worksheet to this workbook.

If you only have a few worksheets to copy this may be practical... if you have loads of them... well only you can decide! If I've read your issue correctly you only have one to add each month so once you've started the process with the first bunch of however many, it should be a simple quick operation monthly!

(Bear in mind that there may be issues with referred formulae if the originals have formual referring to other workbooks/worksheets!! I haven't read/digested the VBA that Vog has linked to, but that might accomodate such an issue?)

With apologies if I've missed the point and this doesn't suit!



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