Excel windows, side by side.

  benson68 14:14 24 Apr 2012

I am using Office XP,with Windows7, but if I have two Excel progams open, they are on top of each other. When I close one, they both close! How do I get them to sit side by side?

  KRONOS the First 14:25 24 Apr 2012

Here you go. 2 Excel.

  benson68 08:38 25 Apr 2012

Sorry Chronus, but these options aren't available in OfficeXP. -at least, I don't think that they are. I think that these refer to Office 2007 or 2010 Thanks for your help though.

  Ian in Northampton 09:05 25 Apr 2012

In Office 2003, which I use, the only way (I think) of doing what you want to do is to open up Excel, choose the file you want to open, then open Excel again, and open the file you want to see side by side. Double clicking on a file in Explorer just causes that file to be opened as a new window in the copy of Excel that's running. You have to 'force' Windows to open two copies of Excel.

  lotvic 10:33 25 Apr 2012

In Office Excel 2003 it is: Window -> Arrange

I think perhaps you have confused the views of Window (Window is the open workbook) with the program Excel, and you are closing the program Excel instead of closing the Window (workbook)

I believe Office XP excel is the same.

  Ian in Northampton 10:43 25 Apr 2012

Ah - Lotvic's response has made me realise that what I was talking about was when you're in a dual screen environment, and you want one spreadsheet open on one screen and another open on another screen...

  Housten 12:57 26 Apr 2012


I have just read your post and like Ian in Northampton, I use Office 2003. There if you have two or more spreadsheets open, click on 'Window' at the top and then make sure you get the full drop down list. One of the options is 'Compare side by side with..' which gives you the option to choose which spreadsheets you want to compare.

  benson68 15:04 26 Apr 2012


I don't have this option. All that I get on the Window drop down list is:-New window, Arrange, Hide, unhide (greyed out) split & Freeze.


Under arrange, there is only Tiled, Horizontal, Vertical, Cascade, Active & Windows of Active Workbook

  lotvic 20:51 26 Apr 2012

Do this to view different worksheets in the same Workbook: Open your workbook in Excel > click on 'Window' to get the dropdown menu, > click on 'New Window', you now have the same workbook open twice

again click on 'Window', to get the dropdown menu > click on 'Arrange' > choose 'Vertical' and click on 'OK'. You can now look at two different worksheets from the same workbook (click on the sheet tabs at bottom). Each view will work independent of the other when you scroll up and down the worksheet. You can close one instance of the Workbook and the other will still be open and displayed.

Do this to view different Workbooks: Open Workbook1. > Open Workbook2. > click on 'Window', to get the dropdown menu > click on 'Arrange' > choose 'Vertical' and click on 'OK'. You can now look at two different Workbooks and if you close Workbook1. then Workbook2. will still be open and displayed.

If you choose 'Compare side by side' when you scroll your mouse button both of the Worksheets on view will move up and down together - not independently.

  benson68 12:02 27 Apr 2012


That's done it! Third paragraph. Isn't side by side, but it'll do. Thanks very much.

  Housten 12:29 28 Apr 2012


I saw your reply to me, and I don't know why you don't have 'Compare', but I have usually 4 or 5 spreadsheets open, so I clicked on arrange and they all appeared on the screen!! If you are happy - especially as it works for you - stay with lotvic's advice, but I think it might be of help to you.

Best of luck with everything.

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