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  Les 20:49 19 Mar 2003

I am writing a program using VBA to control the various pages in Excel. The program is so big that, over a certain size it saved but then refused to be loaded again giving the Not Responding line in the Ctrl,Alt and Del button box. I solved this by reorganizing the program so that the main program and the memory absorbing pages were placed in different files, leaving me with 1 main program containing a menu and smaller pages and 10 other files.

Now I can call the other files quite easily but, at the moment, have to unload them by clicking the X in the top right corner - this, when used by my neighbour's wife can easily be confused with the X in the main program as they are, naturally, one below the other.I'd like to include a button on each of these pages to enable her to return to the main program easily and reliably. What code would I have to attach to this button?

As always, advice is appreciated.


  VoG™ 21:14 19 Mar 2003

Hmm ... you must have written one heck of a program there. I've written VBA Excel applications over 3000 lines long with quite intensive calculations (looping etc.) and have not encountered this problem.

Instead of creating different files, have you tried placing related elements of code in different modules. In my 3000+ line example I have about 10 modules.

Another thing that is not obvious (because you can't see it) is that the VBA editor seems to keep a history of everything that you have done - this can also cause crashes. You can clean up your code using click here - this works with later versions of Excel.

I suggest that you try the code cleaner first. If this doesn't work feel free to click on the envelope to send me a message

  Les 21:45 19 Mar 2003

Thanks for the link, I've downloaded the file and will try it first.


  Les 12:05 22 Mar 2003

It appears that my messages of apology are being returned as non deliverable. I assume that this is a result of some action taken by yourself (Mailwasher? - very effective!).

First I apologise for using this means of communication for something which should have been done by personal email for that is what it is - personal.

Secondly, I apologise profusely for sending such large files to you and causing you no end of trouble - I should have zipped them and obtained permission to send them first.

Thirdly, I do not expect any help with my problem as a result of this.

I hope that the apology is accepted in the manner in which it is made. The offending action was NOT intentional I assure you.

Lastly, carry on your good work to members of this forum - it is valued.

Naturally, I will not repeat my stupudity again.

Thanks again, for your original reply and - sorry FE for using this site for this purpose - it's a one off.

  VoG™ 13:22 22 Mar 2003


It isn't your fault, it is Blueyonder's. Senders receive a mailbox full error when it isn't. It has been like this for months now and BY have (apparently) done nothing to fix it.

I'll contact you with an alternate e-mail address.

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