Excel unhide rows problem

  smudge101 09:21 07 Sep 2005


I have been sent a spreadsheet in which there are some 7000 hidden rows that I need access to. I have tried to unhide them without success.
Any ideas would be welcome.

  dave_and_confused 09:31 07 Sep 2005

What happens when you goto the Windows Menu and select Unhide... ?

  Eric10 09:38 07 Sep 2005

Have you tried selecting the rows either side of the hidden ones, right-click and choose Unhide.

  smudge101 09:41 07 Sep 2005

Thanks for the fast responses.
I have tried highlighting the rows either side but nothing happens when I click unhide. There is a very brief flicker and that is all.
I have never come across anything quite like this.
I know it is not specific to my computer as the person who sent the file had the same problem.

  scotty 09:43 07 Sep 2005

Try Format|Rows|Unhide

If that does not work, you can select all cells and copy them. Open a new spreadsheet and use Paste Special and select Formula then OK. This will copy the info from the cells without format settings.

  smudge101 10:02 07 Sep 2005

Esp. thanks to Scotty.
I followed your advice about the paste special and now have access to all the rows. Hust got to tidy the sheet up a bit first.

Thanks again!!

  Simsy 10:09 07 Sep 2005

is it possible that, on the original, rather than being hidden the columns have been set to have a width of zero?



  Simsy 10:10 07 Sep 2005

I meant Rows, not Columns!!



  scotty 10:15 07 Sep 2005


Setting the width to zero is how columns are hidden in Excel. Try hiding a column, then goto a cell in that column and check the width by going to Format\Column|width and you will see it is set to zero.

Good lateral thinking though!

  Simsy 17:42 07 Sep 2005

but my suggestion might still have some merit...

when you "unhide" cols or rows they, (in my experience), revert to being "unhidden" at the size they were before being "hidden"... if they were set to zero width BEFORE being hidden, then unhiding them would "revert" them to, presumeably, zero width?



  keef66 11:11 09 Sep 2005

Nope, unhiding rows reveals them even if they were manually set to a height of zero before hiding them.

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