Excel - Too many different cell formats

  Jasper1973 09:08 19 Jan 2010

Hi - I have been sent an Excel spreadsheet from a usual source and when opening it I am getting an error message saying "too many different cell formats". Is anyone aware of how I can get around this? I am running Windows XP with Office 2000. Thanks

  Simsy 09:38 19 Jan 2010

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So basically, the spreadsheet needs to be modified before you get it.

I think, (but I'm not certain), that the number ofpermitted formats may be larger with later versions of Excel.

It seems to me that your options are;
1)have the owner recreate it, changing the formats of cells to reduce the number.
2)Have the owner resave it as a .csv file. This will effectivvely loose ALL the formatting, and formulae. Depending on what you need to get out of it, this might be the quickest way.
3)Have it resaved and resent... it needs an enourmous amount of formatting to exceed the limit... I wouldn't rule out corruption in the file or the email version.

I don't think there is anything you can do with this yourself... it will need the help of the sender.

Apologies if this doesn't help!



  Jasper1973 09:54 19 Jan 2010

Thanks for that - I had a feeling that would be the case - just intrigued really as to why it was doing it. I will request it to be sent in csv as there is no fomulae in it.

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