Excel Time Calc problem

  Terry Brown 21:32 21 Apr 2006

I am trying to find an excel system for the following problem
I need to add up several different times using the system "finish time-start time = hours worked"
Then add up these times to get a total of hours worked.

Start Finish Total Hours
7.00 15.30 8.30
7.15 14.00 6.45
8.00 17.00 9.00
Total ------
Time 24.15

I am using Excel 2003

Many thanks

  VoG II 21:37 21 Apr 2006

To get Excel to treat times as times you have to enter them in this format: 11:16

otherwise Excel will treat them as regular numbers.

If you enter them in Time format, Excel will happily add them up for you. Unfortunately it does not recognise that a Time can be greater than 24 hours. To get around this you need to specify a custom format in the result cell: [h]:mm

  pj123 10:39 22 Apr 2006

I created a Time Sheet in excel for the office staff when I was working, (retired now).

As VoG™ says, it won't go past midnight but you can get round that by putting a finish time of 23:59 and a new start time of 00:01 and then add 2 minutes to the next finish time. eg. start 22:00 finish 23:59. Start 00:01 finish 08:02

It is based on Flexitime but can be amended to read Overtime if necessary.

It runs in 4 week cycles.

You are welcome to a copy if you want to try it. Email me via the envelope.

  Simsy 13:02 22 Apr 2006

is quite correct. I find it helps to think of the word "duration"... there is no such "time" as 25 o'clock, but there is a "duration" of 25 hours. The [] brackets round the hours in the formating makes it a duration instead of a time.

I make a very complex timesheet a while ago, and I would'ne have even started it with the excellent help and advice I got at the following site;
click here

It explains how to deal with this in Excel very thoroughly, including nightshift complications, but clearly.

Good luck,



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