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  Quickbeam 00:30 26 Jun 2005

I'm having trouble getting an excel workbook to copy text from one location to another... I'ts for transport invoicing.

If I put a from & to place name on the 1st page of the workbook (Profit-Summary), how do I get excel to copy these names onto the next page which is the invoice page (Invoice)? All I'm getting is =SUM('Profit-Summary'!B7).

What I want it to do is copy the text from the 1st page to the 2nd without having to re-type.

Very grateful if anyone can help...

  squillary 00:48 26 Jun 2005

Copy the text in the source worksheet, go to the destination worksheet, chose the 'Edit' menu and click on Paste Special... Then click the "Paste Link" box.

It should turn out looking like ='Profit-Summary'!$B$7

  Quickbeam 00:55 26 Jun 2005

Thanks for the quick reply squillary... tried the formula as posted but all the cell does is show ='Profit-Summary'!$B$7 ... why won't it copy the written text from the 1st page?

  Quickbeam 00:59 26 Jun 2005

Ahhhhh! my typo! It's OK now thanks a lot now I can get some sleep! I didn't expect to get a reply 'til tomorrow so thanks a lot.

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