Excel Text Editing

  dogbreath1 08:37 11 Feb 2010

Is there a way to force a lengthy text entry to display across multiple lines but within one column and to enable editing of that text whilst retaining it's format. I'd expect this function to require the automatic growing of row depth to accommodate the increasing text amount.

At the moment, I am entering text within one column a row at a time. Consequently, editing a text entry across multiple cells becomes a pain.



  interzone55 08:57 11 Feb 2010

If you right click on a cell, select Format Cell then click on the Alignment tab you will see an option for Wrap Text, this will wrap the text within the width of the column.

Another option would be to use a Text Box which could be sat over a few cells.

Older versions of Excel have a 255 character limit per cell, this doesn't apply to Text Boxes...

  skeletal 09:32 11 Feb 2010

To add to alan14’s advice, in a word processor everyone is used to pressing return to start a new line of text. This would result in jumping to the next cell in Excel. However, if you press Alt+return, you start a new line in the same cell.

Also, if you move the cursor to the two thin lines just above the column headers (A, B, C etc), see it change to a two headed arrow. When it does, left click and pull downwards. This expands the formula bar and makes it easier to see several lines of text in the cell you are editing.


  dogbreath1 13:00 11 Feb 2010

Thank you both so much for the excellent pointers. I will try them out later.

I'm fairly confident that I can mark this one as resolved!

  dogbreath1 11:59 12 Feb 2010

Tried a few of the ideas and concluded that text boxes were for me. Thanks again.

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