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Excel ... Sumif problem

  Simsy 19:06 10 Jan 2010


Excel 2007

I have two named ranges, "Dates" and "Payments" which are both columns.
I also have a named cell, "Payday" which has a numerical value, (which may be from 1-31)

I am trying to sum the total of payments made on a specified day of each month... eg if the value of "Payday" is 20, I want to sum the payments made on the 20th Jan, 20th Feb, 20th Mar etc.

I have the following formula;


which should sum all the relevant cells in the Payments column, when the date in the dates column is the same day as in the Payday cell...

I hope that makes sense...

I am not getting an error when I enter the formula, but I am getting a result of 0 which is incorrect.

Can anyone advise? I suspect I'm doing something wrong with the criteria, but I'm having a mental blank and can't see how to correct it.

(I've got a horrible feeling that if this isn't the case It's goin to need some other calculation such as "sumproduct", which I just can't get my head around!)

Thanks in advance,



  Simsy 19:48 10 Jan 2010

being looked at on an Excel forum, so I'll close this!

Please don't refrain from posting however!



  Simsy 19:49 10 Jan 2010

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