excel sorting/organisation help needed

  rsturbo 00:07 28 Nov 2003

i have a spreadsheet with household expenses with formuale to total up at the end of each column and then take the totals of certain columns and display in another cell at top of page.
if i want to take for instance rows 1 thru 5 and move them down to be above row22 can i do this? if so how and will my formulae still work?! hope this makes sense

  porci 00:18 28 Nov 2003

Yes it can be done. This may be the long way round, but it works:
Insert 5 rows at row 21, by highlighting the number 21 thru 26 on the left , then selecting insert rows. This should give you five extra blank rows .Highlight numbers of cells on left 1 thru 5, right click and select cut. Right click on the first blank cell you created and select paste. Delete the blank rows that are now on 1 thru 5 and your formulae will work fine as long as it is a sum formulae eg (=Sum(A1:A50)

  VoG II 00:23 28 Nov 2003

Well, I'm not sure quite what you want to do but I suspect that you need to change your formulas from direct ("=A1) to absolute ("=$A$1). To do this by hand is an absolute pain (pun intended), but if you get ASAPUtilities click here and on the ASAP-Utilities menu go to Formula/Change reference style, then it should be veasy.

  Tog 07:28 28 Nov 2003

Highlight row 1-5 using the row numbers at the side, right-click and "cut".

Highlight row 22 using the row number at the side, right click and "insert cut cells". This inserts the cut rows above the highlighted row.

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