Excel sorting problem

  osben 09:14 25 May 2006

using Excel XP

I have a worksheet with names in one column and address in another column etc.

I want to be able to sort the worksheet so that I can have the names in descending order but also have the other columns re-aranged as well ie each line is a name and address etc. when I sort the NAME column in ascending order, I want the whole line to be sorted.

At the moment, if I sort the NAME column only that column is sorted and therefore each name and address line does not stay together.

Hope this makes sense.

Any help wiould be apreciated.


  VoG II 09:16 25 May 2006

Excels sort feature only allows you to pick up to 3 columns to sort by - here is how to get around this. The trick is sorting by the last key first and working back to the first key. Say your data is in Columns A:E and you want to sort by A, B, C, D then E:

1. Select all of Columns A:E
2. Go to Data>Sort> sort by C then by D then by E
3. Click Sort
4. Now again with Columns A:E selected
5. Go to Data>Sort> sort by A then by B
6. Click Sort

  scotty 09:38 25 May 2006

From your description I would guess that you are only selecting one column when you sort. Click and drag on the letters at the top of the columns you want included in the sort. Then from the menus select Data, then Sort. A window will pop up giving you sort options.

  VoG II 20:44 26 May 2006

Did it work?

  Eric10 21:59 26 May 2006

Don't select the NAMES column before sorting but just click in one cell of that column then the names will be sorted and the ADDRESS data will stay with the corresponding name.

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