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  sms 14:52 31 Aug 2006

win xp office 2000

I am running an excel spreadsheet with various info o it. I want to run another programme that displays on this sheet at the same time. I can open the prog and see the info but as soon as I click anywhere else the prog goes. When I close excel the prg is on the desktop. How can I keep this prog on the spreadsheet.

  spuds 15:30 31 Aug 2006

VoG's the excel wizard for this sort of question.Perhaps he will answer shortly!.

  GroupFC 15:31 31 Aug 2006

I am not sure that I have completely understood the query but - try this, open the spreadsheet and the other program, right click on the taskbar
and select "tile windows vertically". You should then see both open windows next to each other.

  sms 15:45 31 Aug 2006

Unfortunately tiling does not solve this issue as the info is display on multiple tv's and this way the display becomes too small

  dazwm 15:58 31 Aug 2006

How about open one spreadsheet then when it is open select the yellow folder which says open at the top left hand corner. Search for the other spreadsheet and select it. Then select Windows>Arrange>Horizontal.

  sms 16:11 31 Aug 2006

The other item is actually a small programme which I would like to display alongside the spreadsheet. it is not however another spreadsheet

  Simsy 16:34 31 Aug 2006

what you are experiencing is just the way "Windows" is designed to work... It is not an issue with Excel, (or the other program)

Whichever application has "focus", (which is what happens whenyou click on it), it becomes the topmost on the screen...

If the window in question covers most of the screen then the other application will, indeed, be "behind" it.

I think the only way to deal with this is to have the 2 programs, Excel and the other one, arranged so they are not running in "maximised" windows, and not covering each other...

GroupFC has suggested a way of achieving this, but you say things are then too small...

I can't see a way round this, short of using 2 monitors!

Good luck,



  Noldi 17:24 31 Aug 2006

Using Alt+Tab to switch between the 2 programs is that any help.


  Woolwell 17:26 31 Aug 2006

A quick search of Google has turned up a couple of programs which calim to keep programs always on top.
click here
click here
I've no idea how good they are or of cost.

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