Excel question, how to generate percentage figures

  oo7juk 11:52 08 Jun 2006

Hi hope someone can help.

I need to generate a percentage increase and decrease for some figures.

for example

2005 figure 265.30 2006 figure 125.59.Can someone tell me how to generate the percentage decrease, e.g. figure for 2006 decreased by ?%

also looking for the same for increase.

Can this be done on excel.

Many thanks.

  beynac 12:10 08 Jun 2006

Divide the difference by the 2005 figure and format the result cell as 'Percentage'. e.g. If 2005 figure is A1 and 2006 figure is B1. In cell C1 put '=(B1-A1)/A1'.

  beynac 12:12 08 Jun 2006

Posted before I was ready!

Format cell C1 as 'Percentage'. This will work for increases as well as decreases.

  oo7juk 13:27 08 Jun 2006

Many thanks for that, great help.

  Simsy 13:29 08 Jun 2006

beynac has said to format the cell as "Percentage". This does 2 things in Excel; it adds the % symbol to the calculated answer, and it also multiplies the answer by 100.

e.g. enter 5 into a cell, (that is formated for general number). Now format it as "Percentage". It changes to 500%. type 0.5 into the cell... it changes to 50%

Apologies if this clouds, rather than clears things for anyone!



  Cesar 08:40 13 Jun 2006

In Business Circles this is known as % of change Beynac has the right answer.

  Simsy 10:59 13 Jun 2006

I wasn't suggestion anything was wrong... just pointing out that when using the % format in Excel you need to be careful about the order in which you do things...

If you have a formula whihc actually works out the percentage of something, and THEN format the cell to be % you will get the wrong answer.



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