Excel question!

  herc182 10:19 09 Jun 2003

Hey everyone.

I am doing a project on variation of velocity vector of water with time (i.e. what bearing the water is flowing at). the readings are taken every 10mins for two days and each time has a corresponding bearing.

How can i plot bearings against time on a graph?
(or is it even possible?)

Thanks for any help


  graham√ 10:31 09 Jun 2003

I believe anything is possible with Excel! Stand by for The Master...

  herc182 10:50 09 Jun 2003

any ideas?

  VoG™ 10:59 09 Jun 2003

Can you post an example of your data - just a couple of rows will do.

I'm trying to understand just what it is that you want to plot.

  Peverelli 11:09 09 Jun 2003

I'm assuming you don't know how to create a graph in Excel (apologies if I'm wrong).

If you have 'Time' in column A and 'Bearings' in column B then highlight the data in the columns and then click on the graph button. Select the chart type you require (i.e. Line). Click on 'Next' in steps 1 & 2. In step 3 type in 'Time' in the Category (X) axis box (assuming you want time at the bottom of the graph) and type 'Bearings' in the Category (Y) axis box. Click on 'Finish' in step 4 and you should have a simple graph to play around with.

  herc182 11:23 09 Jun 2003

Thanks for your help people but i will just plot it by hand! screw excel!!


  graham√ 11:25 09 Jun 2003


  VoG™ 11:28 09 Jun 2003


  vinnyT 11:35 09 Jun 2003

Gotta admit in one of my exams I knew the answer to the q (do the math in my head), but had forgotten how to get excel to work it out, so just put a load of rubbish formulae in with the correct answer at the end, and passed believe it or not:-)

Of course now I would just ask in here, but this was quite a while back.

  graham√ 11:44 09 Jun 2003

You would think brownie points would be added for using Excel rather than a hand-drawn picture. Never mind, many people, like myself, have a go when we see a little tidbit (dainty morsel, piquant item) on Excel, whereas the 'full monty' would be rather daunting.

Credit to Peverelli, who gave us todays insight.

  herc182 12:49 09 Jun 2003

sorry to be rude but I have to hand in a project soon so i thought i would be best to do it by hand.
sorry if i offended anyone

cheers people

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