excel question

  gengiscant 18:52 05 Nov 2008

My boss ask me if I knew of a way to make this excel worksheet fit the whole page(A4)rather than as it looks here.
[url=click here][img=click here][/url][url=click here][img=click here][/url]

Because as he puts it, I know about computers this should not be a problem to me.
I know a bit about the hardware side,excel is totally foriegnto me.
I am using Open office to view the document but so far havn't found the solution.

  csqwared 19:20 05 Nov 2008

As far as I know this should apply to all versions of Excel.
Look at the toolbar at the top, third along is "VIEW". Select this and then "Page Break Preview". When you do this you will see blue lines which denote the edges of the page as it stands now and some grey text saying which page that part of the spreadsheet is on. Drag these vertical blue lines to the right hand edge and the horizontal ones to the bottom. You should now see one lot of grey text saying "PAGE 1". Job done!!

  gengiscant 19:46 05 Nov 2008

Thanks,had a look at what you suggested but forgive me if I am missing something but when I tried what you suggested I got this.
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  csqwared 20:02 05 Nov 2008

Yes thats as it should look. What you need to do now is drag the blue line which is at the very left hand side of the sheet across to the right hand side of Column I.


  csqwared 20:36 05 Nov 2008

Just had another look at the image you posted and what I should have said was drag the blue line at the right hand side of the sheet (side of column M) to the right hand side of column I. You will also need to scroll down the sheet and you should see a blue horizontal line somwewhere near row 106. Drag this up to the bottom of row 53.


  gengiscant 05:07 06 Nov 2008

Sorry mate,don't seem to be having much luck.
Would it be possible to send you the doc and sort it?

  Noldi 06:15 06 Nov 2008

Select the cells you want to print, Go to file menu > Print area > set print area.

File menu > page set up > page > fit to 1 tall 1 wide. Also select paper size.


  csqwared 17:25 06 Nov 2008

will allow you to print what you need but I think you would have to go through that process each time. My suggestion would be saved with the spreadsheet. You can send me the sheet via the yellow envelope if you wish but I'm out for the evening presently so any reply will be delayed.


  Rahere 17:34 06 Nov 2008

I note this isn't actually Excel it's Open Office Calc which may not behave the same way...

  gengiscant 19:21 06 Nov 2008

Thanks for that.

  Noldi 19:50 06 Nov 2008

If you save the sheet you dont have to do this every time just print?.


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