excel query - can I add alternate cells in a row?

  hastelloy 19:44 16 Jul 2013

I am preparing a spreadsheet and need a total in D2 of the entries in F2, H2, J2 etc. I know I could do this manually but, as I need to add over 50 cells, I'm looking for a formula to do it for me. I'm using Office 2007 on a W7 PC and office 2010 on a W7 laptop.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

  compumac 20:00 16 Jul 2013

In D2 enter =F2+H2+J2etc and the copy D2 downwards?

  Abel 21:44 16 Jul 2013

Marvin42, just s compumac says, but a way of doing this simply is to hold the shift key down while clicking in the cells you want to total. They can be as random as you like

  hastelloy 08:11 17 Jul 2013

Many thanks.

That's what I meant by doing it manually. Being lazy, I'd hoped there'd be a quicker way!!

Abel You mean hold the Ctrl key down - not the shift key. Holding the shift key gives all cells between.

  hastelloy 10:35 17 Jul 2013

Actually, we're both wrong. I've just done it by clicking in the first cell then put + then click in the next cell and so on. Very laborious. I'd still like to know if there's a quicker way. This is OK for a few cells but for 50 ............

  compumac 10:47 17 Jul 2013

Is this an ongoing spreadsheet involving a lot of rows and also does the content get changed regularly?

I recollect many years ago having a similar need on some very large continually used changing spreadsheets, but cannot recollect as to how I resolved it. Will have to sit back and contemplate.

  Zak 11:33 17 Jul 2013

This seems to fit the bill:

Summing Alternate Columns

  compumac 12:12 17 Jul 2013

Zak You are correct. The posting from Ekim dated October 2002 does work for the needs of Marvin42

  hastelloy 14:40 17 Jul 2013

compumac "Is this an ongoing spreadsheet involving a lot of rows and also does the content get changed regularly?"

It will probably start with about 20 rows but these will be added to through the year. The columns to be summed are added weekly over a 12 month period - hence the 50 columns to add.


Thanks for the link but this adds everything in each alternate column. I need a total for alternate columns in each row. i.e. D2 will add alternate columns in row 2, D3 alternate columns in row 3 etc.

  compumac 15:02 17 Jul 2013


But does the link as offered by Zak do exactly what you want- Just copy the formula down for each row.

  Zak 15:30 17 Jul 2013


I see, then compumac suggestion is correct i.e.

D2 enter =F2+H2+J2 and the copy D2 downwards or a tidier formula achieving same is

=SUM(F2,H2,J2) and as above drag copy downwards in your totals column.

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