excel problem highlighting cell or text in cell

  widdy 19:46 28 Oct 2013

I have a scoreboard program that updates a gymnasts position within a range to show their current position, after entering each score i.e.1st, 2nd or 3rd Is there a way of highlighting the cell or the text colour so that it can be located more easily? The formula used for updating the position is =IF(G3=0,"",RANK(G3,G$3:G$11)) assuming gymnasts in the rang g3 to g11 i.e. 9 gymnasts all help most welcome Thanks

  Zak 19:58 28 Oct 2013

Try conditional formatting. If this does not help, please provide more details of the spreadsheet content please.

  widdy 08:16 29 Oct 2013

Yes all ok, found solution just after I posted the query Many thanks

  Fermat's Theorem 17:55 06 Nov 2013


I'm interested in knowing the solution you found to your problem. Many thanks :-)

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