Excel Problem

  Yorkie 1 17:36 18 Oct 2003

Hi There,
I am using MS Excel and usually it is fine, but sometimes when I boot it up and click in a cell it seems I am stuck in that cell. If I move the cursor it is as if I am dragging and it highlights all the cells I pass over. The only way to getout is using Ctrl-Alt-Del and even that throws up the message cannot delete Excel, but waiting a few seconds brins up the box to delete it.
Any ideas as to what is causing my problem?

  VoG II 17:38 18 Oct 2003

When you are "stuck" in a cell try pressing the ESC key.

As to what's causing it, I don't know. If you have Excel 2000 or later you could try Detect and Repair from the Help menu.

  Yorkie 1 17:56 18 Oct 2003

Hey you should change your handle to Speedy Gonzales *S* I have tried the ESC key to no avail but I will look at the detect and repair page if I can find it, never having used it. Thanks

  daba 18:03 19 Oct 2003

Pressing the F8 key toggles the "Extend Selection" function (shown in the bottom status line as EXT).

This may be what has occurred, although pressing ESC, as VoG rightly says, should clear this as well as a second press of F8.

Also have you changed your Mouse, I have seen this before where a mouse had been changed (down-graded), but the driver for the old mouse hadn't been disabled/removed.


  Yorkie 1 16:54 20 Oct 2003

Hi, thanks to you and VoG too for your interest, As yet I have not come across the promlem again, it was alway intermitant, but I shall bear in mind your advice and hopefully not need to come back with the same problem. Thanks again both of you.

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