Excel problem

  gudda96 17:34 14 Aug 2003

Hi Gang

When I type a tel no in an Excel cell eg 0208
the first 0 does not stay.

I know it is something like format/custom etc but have forgotten, can you help.

  VoG II 17:36 14 Aug 2003

Format/Cells/Special, then click the OK button.

  Peverelli 17:42 14 Aug 2003

Is it a good idea to select 'phone number' before clicking the OK button? ;O)

  VoG II 17:43 14 Aug 2003

Probably. LOL.

Actually (at least in Excel XP) if you leave a space between the area code and the number, like

0208 999999

Excel will display the leading 0.

  Peter 18:31 14 Aug 2003


You could just enter the number preceding it with a single quote e.g '020 899 9999 or use the BT prefered layout of (020) 899 9999.


  Simsy 18:45 14 Aug 2003

and it orks as VoG suggests.. i.e. if you enter a number leaving a space somewhere, such as;

020 8888 8888

It keeps the leading zero.

If you don't have a space it thinks it is just a "number" and removes it.

Alternatively, you could format the cell as "text"

Good luck,



  gudda96 08:47 15 Aug 2003


You are correct, just received this and it works, thanks everyone.


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