Excel printing problem

  osben 11:03 01 Jul 2008

I've just been sent a .xls file with some calender dates and names etc.

The font was Arial 10pt and I have formated the margins as well as closed up one or two of the columns so that it would fit on the paper when printed in landscape format. The dotted lines on the sheet show me that the data should be right across the page when printed.

Whe I do print it, not only is it printed in a very small (almost unreadable) size, but it only stretches two thirds the way across the page despite the margins being set at 1.mm on both sides.

Even changing the font for a larger size has no effect on the outcome of the printed item.

Am I missing something simple or what.

Any help would be appreciated.


  Picklefactory 11:27 01 Jul 2008

Does it look OK when you preview the print?
Also you might want to check out the page break view to show where the edges of your printed area are located.
What version of Excel are you using?

  osben 14:12 01 Jul 2008


Thanks for your quick reply.
I have managed to find the problem/answer.

I went into page setup>print size and changed the size from 58% to 100% and also changed to "fit page"

Why the sender sent it at 58% is anyones guess!!!

Thanks anyway.

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