Excel printing issue

  kev-a 20:56 01 Jan 2010

I have 270 Excel files in a folder and i want to print all 270 file names but when i "select all" in the folder and press print the printer starts to print the actual Excel file contents instead of just the Excel file names.
It locked the laptop up trying to dump all the info into the buffer :(

Is there a way round it please ?
All i want is a printed list of the Excel file names for a record.

Thanks Peeps.


  mgmcc 21:21 01 Jan 2010

You can create a list of the files in a folder from the Command Prompt click here This creates a .txt file which you can then print out.

  VoG II 21:43 01 Jan 2010

Run this macro then print the sheet

Sub ListFiles()
Dim MyFolder As String, MyFile As String, j As Integer
MyFolder = "C:\example" ' change to suit
MyFile = Dir(MyFolder & "\*.xls")
Do While MyFile <> ""
j = j + 1
Cells(j, 1).Value = MyFile
MyFile = Dir
End Sub

  AroundAgain 23:09 01 Jan 2010

Hi ratboyblues

When I have wanted a list of files titles only, they have been in the same folder, and them only. I did a screen dump of the window where the files are, copied into Paint, saved as .jpg and then print out.

I'm interested in the method mentioned by mgmcc, creating a txt file so I shall look into that - thanks, mgmcc.

Hope you manage to achieve what you are wanting to do

  AroundAgain 23:19 01 Jan 2010

Here is an extremely easy way, if you have Firefox! Just drag and drop your folder onto either the Firefox icon or webpage and you will immediately have a list which you can print out! Have just tried it out!

It doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer, though. Don't have any others to try it on.

Found this tip at click here after clicking on the 'Click here' link in message from mgmcc but scolled to the bottom of the page and found a comment from 'thinkerer' - many thanks to s/he!!!

Thanks guys, I just love learning new tricks!!!
Happy New Year


  Woolwell 23:24 01 Jan 2010

I was interested in this and came across this Microsoft article which appears to solve the problem click here but does edit the registry.

  kev-a 23:52 01 Jan 2010

Thanks everyone for the help.
Julie that worked great and was just what i was after.

Mnay thanks.


  BT 08:45 02 Jan 2010

..from Karens Power Tools
click here

Will do everything you want and more. Its exensively configurable to print as much or little information as you want.

  GroupFC 15:09 02 Jan 2010


Thanks for that - such a doodle and very useful!

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