Excel Perpetual Calendar

  Dirty Dick 10:07 03 Nov 2011

I’ve downloaded a perpetual calendar in Excel from office.microsoft.

Here is a link


The calendar shows US Federal holidays but I want to change it to UK & Spanish Holidays.

I go to “View” and check the boxes for “Gridlines” and “Headings” to make navigating easier. I then notice on the “Start Here” worksheet that Columns ‘J to R’ are hidden away, so I “unprotect” the sheet and drag them to open.

I then notice that whatever is typed into Cells K30 to 38 just copies across to the relevant cell in Column E, if the “drop down” in Column F is set to ‘Y’.

Firstly there are not enough Rows for the relevant holidays, I need about 25. If I try and copy and paste the original cells lower down the sheet the formulas don’t seem to relate to relevant cells.

Also if I open cell M30 it says “='Holiday Rules'!K59” but I can’t find any reference in the workbook to that.

I think this is a very complicated workbook but I am determined to get it sorted. Can anybody help please ?

I am using Windows 7 and Office 2010.

I will apologise now, but I fear this may go on for quite a few posts in this thread.

Many thanx


  Hercules02 21:17 04 Nov 2011

Hello I haven't had a lot of time to look at this, but Ill do what I can to help. About needing more entries for holidays, I would try inserting extra rows/blocks rather than tying to move the existing ones. I inserted an extra row by clicking on row 40 and that worked OK. Also, in terms of formatting/formulae it often works better if you insert cells within a block rather than at the edges.

About not being able to find Holiday Rules!K59, this is because Sheet 20 (named "Holiday Rules") has been hidden by the author. This can be changed to visible again in VBE (the Visual Basic Editor). In case you don't know, open this with ALT+F11.


  Dirty Dick 10:55 06 Nov 2011

WOW !!!

Hercules02 , thanx for your response.

I have managed to find the hidden sheet, and WOW, there is lots of info there !!

I have played about with the workbook and really got nowhere as it's very complex.

So, because I am a pensioner and I need to make the most of my time left on this planet, I have decided to leave well alone. I will stick to BASIC Excel projects, although it would have been nice to get to grips with this one.

Many thanx to all who have looked at the post.


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