Excel Password forgotten

  [DELETED] 08:22 08 Oct 2003

I have an old excel file, which is password protected to open. It holds sensitive personal data and so was protected. I need to get into the file, as it is far too tedious and time consuming to create again.

Any ideas?

  [DELETED] 08:42 08 Oct 2003

Thetre are programs out there that will reveal the password for you, try this one click here , MUZZY.

  [DELETED] 09:00 08 Oct 2003

Sorry MUZZY, that one only reveals the first three characters until you buy it.

  graham√ 09:43 08 Oct 2003

I don't know if Aida32 can help click here

  [DELETED] 09:47 08 Oct 2003
  [DELETED] 16:20 08 Oct 2003
  [DELETED] 16:29 08 Oct 2003

Thanks for all your posts.
It seems I need an Excel Key, as I need to remove/ retrieve a password on the file itself which I am unable to open. The versions of this I have seen all require some form of payment by CC.
Any ideas for any free ones taht might do the trick? (The Password is longer than 2 characters)

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