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  [DELETED] 21:08 29 Nov 2003

Hi All
Has anyone tried this website click here You can download a file to calculate the fees for caravan sites using Microsoft Excel. I have not got Microsoft Excel, but I have used the Microsoft Excel Viewer to evaluate it and it looks excellent
I have got Openoffice installed and I have tried to open the Excel file and it comes up with password-protected, I have opened up Excel files with Openoffice before with no problem.
Has anyone got any idea how I can get around this problem without having to buy Microsoft Excel.
Many Thanks
D Gethin

  Giggle n' Bits 23:50 29 Nov 2003

want to view is security protected as your not allowed access to it.

  [DELETED] 00:17 30 Nov 2003

If this website is for use for anyone to download these files, why is it password protected

  Simsy 00:24 30 Nov 2003

" NB It is important that macros are enabled when the above files are run!"

This suggest you would have a problem anyway, as, despite being excellent at converting data in Excel sheets, OpenOffice doesn't support the macro language, VBA, that Excel uses.

Good luck anyway... it5 may be that the information can be used without the macros?



  [DELETED] 00:28 30 Nov 2003

As in my message in your previous thread (which I can't find) there is some strange protection in this file. I can open it in Excel but cannot disable the protection. This is a first for me and XL files.

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