Excel - Next Payment Date

  Forsaken 11:37 24 Mar 2018


I have made it so Excel will display my next bill date by using.

"=DATE( YEAR(NOW()), MONTH(NOW()) + (IF(DAY(NOW())>1,1,0)), 1)"

I am receiving one payment every 14 days and another payment every 28 days. I am looking for a way to have Excel display the next payment date.

Can anyone explain and demonstrate how to do this. For example my next 28 daily payment is on the 27/03/2018. My Next 14 daily payment is 05/04/2018.

Thank you in advance.

  hastelloy 12:00 24 Mar 2018

The way I would do it seems much simpler if I have understood you correctly.

For example, if a 28 day payment was made on 28/2/2018 and this date is in cell A1, then the formula for the next payment would be =A1+28. Similarly for a 14 day payment.

  Forsaken 12:18 24 Mar 2018

Oh sorry, I did not ask it very clearly, I was looking for an edit button but cannot find one.

My intention was for once that date has come, the next date will then appear, which is what was done for the bills. For example payment on 05/04/2018 is shown, then i check the document on 07/04/2018 and it will then show the next payment as 19/04/2018. The payments are ongoing so knowing a the formula will be helpful.

I have seen it been done, but have no clue on the formula.

  Forsaken 12:21 24 Mar 2018

On this spreadsheet there is not a list of previous payments, it is a display of all incoming and outgoing

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