gudda96 11:38 27 Mar 2005

My friend uses XP Home like me but she cannot find M/S Ecel in program menu.

She has Works and has spreadsheets but not Excel, any ideas please.

  pj123 11:41 27 Mar 2005

You need MS Office to get Excel. It doesn't come with Windows or Works.

  Fingees 12:02 27 Mar 2005

I had Excel when I used Office but now I have Works. I use spreadsheet, it works exactly the same, and will open files previously compiled with Exel.

  gudda96 12:44 27 Mar 2005


Hi there, I have xp and I have Excel/Word/Access
and Office 2000.

Does that figure?

Also, if I have Excel and she does not, she has Works/Money/Spreadsheet, will I be able to tutor her if we have two different progs?

  pj123 13:31 27 Mar 2005

Yes and Yes.

I have office 2000 which is the same as yours.

I also have works but version 4.5.

The spreadsheet in works will work almost exactly like excel. It is a slightly cut down version of excel. My version of works 4.5 won't open excel files though, unless I save them as csv files.

  gudda96 13:42 27 Mar 2005


Thats good news, and with that in mind, I have just opened my Excel, saved it as a csv file, is that ok.

Does this mean that she will be able to open my file as her "Works" will allow her to open it.

Does it also means that when she sends me a Works spreadsheet file, she will save it as csv by default.

If so, I should be able to open ?

  pj123 18:08 27 Mar 2005

Again, yes and yes. csv is what is called a Comma Delimited File. It can be opened in almost any spreadsheet programme, but it does have snags.

The biggest of which is that it may not recognise some formulas or functions. Providing formula and functions are not too complicated it should be OK.

Give it a try and check it out.

  brambles 18:55 27 Mar 2005

I can't open a file I created in Microsoft Works.
Microsoft Excel 2000 cannot directly open files created in Microsoft Works version 3.0 or later. To open a spreadsheet file in Excel, you must first open the Microsoft Works file you want to use in your Microsoft Works program. On the File menu, click Save As, and then select one of the following file formats in the Save as type list. Save and close the file before you try to open it in Excel.
· Works for Windows 2.0/Works for DOS SS
· Excel SS ******** You would select this
· Lotus 1-2-3

This might help


  gudda96 09:03 28 Mar 2005

Thanks gang

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