Excel macro problem help required

  xania 12:55 11 Aug 2015

I have a work book listing cases under action. I need to be able to modify and then hide a row when that specific case closes.

I need the macro to do 3 things in the row selected:

  1. In column F in todays date followed by "for billing"
  2. In columns G-I clear all contents
  3. Hide the entire row

Any help would be welcome.

  xania 08:59 13 Aug 2015

I have now sorted out 1. - its the rest that's the problem. The code will presumably relate to a stated column along the same row?

  xania 11:59 23 Oct 2015

For anyone watching this stream, I have now worked it out for myself. The code reads:

ActiveCell.Formula = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy") & " to billing"
ActiveCell.Offset(, 1).Resize(1, 5).Clear
ActiveCell.EntireRow.Hidden = True

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