Excel. Lookup function not the answer.

  John B 10:12 14 Jan 2006

I am trying to get an excel worksheet to look at another sheet and if data corresponds, insert the information in the first sheet.

Sheet1 contains about 1000 rows of data, column A has a list of 5-digit ascending numbers which are not concurrent (e.g. 12054, 12087, 13078 etc).

Sheet2 contains about 150 rows of data and again column A has a list of 5-digit ascending numbers which are not concurrent. These numbers are the same as in sheet1 (although not all of sheet1’s numbers appear in sheet2).

I want sheet1 to look at sheet2 and if sheet1 finds a number match on sheet2, enter the contents of sheet2’s column B into a column in sheet1. If no number match is found, leave the cell in sheet1 empty.

I have tried to use Lookup function which works after a fashion, but when a cell in sheet1 can’t find a match in sheet2 it enters rubbish data in the sheet1 cell.

Is there a way to do this please?

Sorry for the lengthy text but I find it difficult to describe the layout!



  VoG II 10:25 14 Jan 2006

Along the lines of


  John B 10:29 14 Jan 2006

I'll give that a go and get back later.


  John B 10:58 14 Jan 2006

Thanks again VoG

That worked a treat! I spent hours yesterday trying to solve that problem. Marvellous!



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