Excel leading zero's

  Sealer 19:19 06 Oct 2003

Can anybody tel me how enter a number with leading zero's? I dont want anything in front like a full stop or quotation marks. cheers

  VoG II 19:35 06 Oct 2003

If you enter ' then the number it will show the leading zeroes but not the '

Alternatively Format/Cells abd select Text.

You won't be able to use these values in calculations unless you convert them to numbers first.

  Simsy 19:38 06 Oct 2003

format the cells differently.

It depends exactly what you are doing... if you are going to actually enter, i.e. type in, the zeros, you can frmat the cells as "Text"

Alternatively, if you know how many digits are to preceed a decimal point, you can use a custom format...

choosing, for example 00000.00 will give you 5 digits before the decimal point, leading with zeros if you only type 3 of them. If you type more digits before the point, all will be displayed, but the decimals will shorten..

With the formatting example above 347.789 will appear as 00347.79

(Bear in mind that it is only the appearance that is changed.... if any calculations are taking place 347.789 is what will be used... I think!)

Hope this helps,



  Simsy 19:40 06 Oct 2003

for a moment there I thought I'd beaten VoG on an Excel thread!

I claim victory on the grounds of slow typing and a dial up connection. That must account for 3 minutes!



  VoG II 19:50 06 Oct 2003


  Sealer 13:39 07 Oct 2003

Thanks all!

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