Excel information required

  bruno 12:16 08 Nov 2003

I am using Office 2000 and trying to make a chart on Excel to print out.I have titles across the top and dates down the side.I want to print the lines around the cells so that the printed copy looks the same as it does on the screen.When I try, I get all the information printed out, but no lines.It is probably dead easy to anyone who has used it, but I am a total novice with this application.

  VoG II 12:21 08 Nov 2003

File/Page Setup, Sheet tab.

Tick Print Gridlines.

  Rtus 12:22 08 Nov 2003

Go to Page setup > choose SHEET enter tick in Gridlines / rows Coloums

  Simsy 12:27 08 Nov 2003

by your use of the word "chart"...

I assume by the rest of your post that you do mean some sort of "spreadsheet layout", as opposed to a "graph", which is what Excel refers to as a "Chart"...

If I am correct, then;

File>Page Setup

On the "Sheet" tab click the "Print Gridlines" box and then click "OK"

Does this help?

Good luck,



  Simsy 12:28 08 Nov 2003

My typing and VoG's broadband means he beats me!!



  bruno 12:31 08 Nov 2003

Thank you very much ,gentle.Once again the forum breaks the speed record!!!

  bruno 12:32 08 Nov 2003

My typing is not too clever either,I meant gentlemen,of course.

  Rtus 12:36 08 Nov 2003

Now that answers my question as to how Vog keep beating me to it today.. BB ..Jammy G its all right for some LOL..

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