excel how to merge columns

  moorie 18:09 26 Apr 2006

i want to merge 2 columns of data the 1st is numerical ie product code and second is alpha ie product discription so i can copy into an access database . the stock column in the access database is 1 column but i want to search by product code when invoicing?merge column a and b and then copy to access so product code is first

  VoG II 18:11 26 Apr 2006

In C1 enter

=A1 & " " & B1

then click in C1, hover the cursor over the bottom right until the cursor turns into a + then hold down the left mouse button and copy the formula down as far as needed.

  moorie 18:29 26 Apr 2006

thanks that worked however when i paste it into the access database it lets me paste the first 30 or so entries and then only lets me paste an additional one at a time ps there are 20,000 products

  Fellsider 18:52 26 Apr 2006

When you create the access database, instead of pasting data go to (in Access)




find the Excel file (ensuring the file type is '*xls') and import the whole file.

  moorie 19:08 26 Apr 2006

hi tried this and came back with error transferring

  moorie 19:22 26 Apr 2006

sorry should have mentioned that i only wanted to import the merged columns but the spreadsheet also contains other info ieprices i only need the merged columns containing codes and discriptions any ideas?

  Bren.ie 10:54 27 Apr 2006

After merging the two columns, Highlight new column, Copy and Edit > Paste Special > Values into aanother column column.

You can now copy this second new column into a new Excel file and save. Use this to import data into Access.

  moorie 11:30 27 Apr 2006

hi copied the merged columns into a new column but only 1 of the merged columns appears?

  moorie 12:01 27 Apr 2006

hi got it to work didnt paste special values like you said sorry,however the next problem is when i go to get external data in access for the table i want to put it in ,the import to existing sheet is not available just new sheet.
it works fine going into a new sheet but where i want is a pre designed stock table from within easy invoicing could it be a size issue or am doing something else wrong?

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