Excel help please!

  Lokit 09:02 25 Apr 2005

The problem!

I have totals to enter on a daily basis for input and output.

How can I update running totals for the month.

For instance :

For May say - 31 daily entries - rows 1 to 31 - running total row 32. I need 32 to show monthly running total as I enter each daily total into 1 to 31.


  Praxis99 09:29 25 Apr 2005

Inserting a simple sum formula in row 32 ie =sum(row1:row31) should be all you need the result of which will be zero until you start adding daily data.

  Lokit 09:43 25 Apr 2005

Simple when you know how!


Now problem two!

A similar request but I need to show a total again in row 32 but this time as data is entered in each of rows 1 to 31 I want it to minus from a carried forward figure.

For instance X is carried forward from April. Entering data for rows 1 to 31 for May will show a total equal to [X minus daily amount = running total in row 32]

Thanks again!

  Ixtana`ran 11:12 25 Apr 2005

very similar to the first answer =sum(row1:row31)-X , where x = row with figure you need subtracting.

Most of this is explained in Excel help or if you are going to be using it a lot take an online course.

  Lokit 12:10 25 Apr 2005

Thanks for the advice and solutions.

I don't have Excel on this machine and am emailing the solution to a third party.

The problems are solved.

Thanks again.

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