Excel - Help please

  Allan-263226 12:06 19 Nov 2003

Hi, I hope i can explain this correctly.....

I have created a spreadsheet where I enter fault details, time logged, date, etc.....
I work to a 4 hour SLA, therefor I need the rows to highlight in Orange when they are at 3 hours and red when at 4.

Is there a macro needed or can I set a formula (don't think I can) that I can add to make the rows highlight

  scotty 12:11 19 Nov 2003

I think conditional formating might work.

Will have a look (but I expect VOG to give a reply before I do!)

  Allan-263226 12:15 19 Nov 2003

Ok cheers Scotty

  VoG II 12:21 19 Nov 2003

Yes, Format/Conditional formatting.

Say your time is in A1. Then in B1 apply conditional formatting using "Formula Is" and making the formula


and choose orange color.

Then apply a further condition


and colour it red.

Then use the Format Painter (paintbrush) to apply to the entire row, and as many rows down as you need.

I suggest that you lookup Conditional Formatting in Help for more information.

  scotty 12:34 19 Nov 2003

The answer is......

**** - too late!

  Allan-263226 12:47 19 Nov 2003

Cheers guys, all sorted

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