Excel help please

  Taurus 20:29 11 Aug 2003

Please help, I'm sure the solution must be relatively simple but it eludes me. How can I get Excel count the cells in a column that contain text items, the cells that is. For example, the number of names in a list.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


  xania 21:00 11 Aug 2003

I have a simple solution for this - although I'm sure there's a better way.

Firstly, I add an extra column - my counter. Then in the first row I insert the number <1> and in the second I insert the number <2>. I then select both these cells together, move my cursor to the bottom right hand corner and drag down to the end of the list. On releaseing, all the remaining cells in the counter column will be filled. Finally, I select the 'Number of items' cell for calculations and then <Hide> the column

  Taurus 21:09 11 Aug 2003

Many thanks xania, but since I posted I've 'RTFM' and found how it works. Just use COUNTA instead of SUm, eg =COUNTA(A1:A100), simple eh? a bit like me. DOH! Thanks for taking the time to respond, much appreciated.


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