Excel help needed

  [DELETED] 11:27 19 Oct 2003

Im being a bit thick this morning.

I have three Excel files each with a worksheet and I need to copy rows 3 > 1000 from each of the files into a master file.
I keep getting the error "the area I am trying to copy isnt the same as the area I have selected to paste" or something along those lines.

Also I am trying to do this with a macro but cant do it manually yet.

What am I missing?

Cheers in advance

  [DELETED] 12:12 19 Oct 2003

Hi SDJ. Until someone who really knows Excel comes along, this bit of info may help. When copying and pasting in Excel, I find that I get the error you describe if I define the area I'm pasting to. If I just define the start cell (i.e. the top left cell), then Excel accepts the paste.

  [DELETED] 12:57 19 Oct 2003

I dont know what I was thinking this morning, all I can say is that it was early!!


  [DELETED] 17:57 19 Oct 2003

I think the real answer lies in the error message you are getting, and since your description was a bit vague can I infer you didn't really read the error message thoroughly.

As you said it was early, so I urge you to be wary trying to do things in excel until you are properly awake, watch out next Sunday morning, though, you could easily be posting on here before you wake-up !!

You have now correctly discovered that to paste an area into another location, you can simply select the top-left cell of the destination area, and excel does the work of defining the destination area for you.

If you want to select the destination area yourself (and I can't think why you would want to), then the exact same size (Rows AND Columns) must be selected, sort of like doing the job twice when only once is needed.

I would have thought the Macro situation wouldn't have occurred anyway, as you would most likely calculating the Range Specification for source and destination data areas, so it would be easier to ensure these are identical, as the same rules apply.

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