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  phildux 19:04 07 Apr 2005

in a excel spredsheet i want a total amount cell to change colour i.e red, when it reaches a certain amount is this possable

  VoG II 19:08 07 Apr 2005

Yes. Click in the cell. Format/Conditional Formatting.

Cell Value is, Greater than or equal too, emter your value (say 10), Click the Format button and change Color to red.

  phildux 19:21 07 Apr 2005

VoG cheers many many thanks

  phildux 19:24 07 Apr 2005

is it poss to have a cell change 3 colours as the figure gose up, ie green, amber, red or is that asking to much

  VoG II 19:28 07 Apr 2005

There is a limit of 3 as it happens.

Click in the cell again, Format/Conditional Formatting.

Click the Add>> button at the bottom. Set Condition 2 as before. Then click Add>> again and set Condition 3.

  phildux 21:11 07 Apr 2005

VoG Cheers thank you

  phildux 08:13 08 Apr 2005

is there away to lock certain cells but still allow the users to input data. allowed only to input in certain cells. lets say input data in cells d to k and cells l is a total amount & cell m average amount which need to be locked. can the toolbar & menu be hidden so the users can not change anything

  VoG II 15:55 08 Apr 2005

Select the cells that you want to allow input to. Format/Cells/Protection and untick Locked. Then Tools/Protection/Protect Sheet.

Hiding the Toolbars and Menus requires Visual Basic for Applications programming.

  phildux 20:18 22 Apr 2005

still having problems with my time sheet.i can not get the hours and mins to add up or format them. total time is showing as 40:90. i would like it to show as 41:30 which is the same just a different format. how do i do it or can it not be done.

1. start shift time, end shift time = total shift time

2. Breaks 1 (total time not from to) + Breaks 2 = total breaks.

3. total shift time- break time (1 & 2) = total hours worked

  VoG II 21:53 22 Apr 2005

Format the result cell with a Custom format


  phildux 13:45 24 Apr 2005

at present if the total time is showing as 49:75 if i change the cell format to [h]:mm it comes up 1194:00. if cell format is general it comes up 49:75 and i would like it to display as 50:15 is this poss. i could do with emailing this to somebody so they can take a look and tell me where i am going wrong its driving me nuts now

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